A princess can act and think as she pleases. She's the master of all that comes to pass…

In 2010 four raw-yal highnesses from the domain in Hammerbrook: Willy White Bumper,
Hotkey Henle, Mickey Bird Burton and Lucky Lui got together to declare the court in session.
And since a princess enjoys absolute power the decision was taken not to rehearse
rather, as was deemed appropriate, to exercise their infallibility and give concerts for the great unwashed.

The credo: Freelectronic Jazz Incident.

In 2012 the young swiss prince Ray Scham answered their call to become master of ceremony.
Help lay on a tremendous banquet and honor the joyful quintetto Black Princess with your humble
presence on dd.mm.yyyy. at …

The hoi polloi will dance!

Willy White Bumper/ Drums (DE)
Mickey Bird Burton / Bass (PH)
Lucky Lui / Electronics (MX)
Hotkey Henle / Piano (DE)
Ray Scham / Vocals (CH)